Hosting Reel

Let us create a shiny new hosting reel for you!

What’s a hosting reel?

Any job, acting or otherwise, that requires the talent to directly address a camera is a hosting job. Think commercials, travel shows, cooking shows, newscasts, etc.

Hosting reels can be made relatively easily, shot in our studio with green screen technology, and can represent exactly what your skills and appeal are as a host.

All you have to do is prepare 3 or 4 short (15- 20 second) scripts of your choice, get them polished up (memorized, we’ll shoot one at a time) and bring them in. An hour or so later, I’ll have what I need to create a sensational hosting reel, literally from scratch!

These videos can be sent to any number of production houses, casting offices, etc. for consideration for hosting jobs.

Your reel can be a mashup of several different types of hosting, or a collection of clips as they might appear on a specific type of channel or program.That will depend on what you want to get from the hosting reel, consideration for a variety of hosting work, or only one particular kind.


Once you have your script(s) ready to go, you’ll make an appointment to come in and shoot!

The session can take up to an hour.  You can change outfits as needed.  All scripts are shot against a Green Screen so that I can add appropriate background images/video later.  We will discuss music style, if music is going to be added.

Once the video is edited you’ll have a chance to review it for any corrections/adjustments.  Once you approve, the video will be delivered to you so yo can post it on a website, or send the link for people to watch it online.

Total price is just $195.00.

Coaching is available.  You can make an appointment to rehearse your scripts in the studio prior to the day you shoot the video and get professional help with your delivery.  Coaching is $50 per 30 minutes.|