Demo Reel

Demo Reels Are Only as Good as Their Editing

If you have footage from projects you’ve been in, you will want to create a Demo Reel from them. But It’s not such a straightforward, simple thing to do. It is extremely important to create the Demo Reel in the way that presents you in the best manner possible.

This means two things:

The Industry Standards for Demo Reels are Demanding

How long should it be? What should start it? How should it end? How are clips arranged? Do I add music?
A montage? Mix comedy What drama? Tile the clips? How? Include a headshot?

These are just a few of the questions that confront some editing a demo reel, and you can be sure that casting and representation have fairly rock solid answers to all of them. If you don’t know those answers you are running the very real risk of shooting yourself in the foot. A non-standard Demo Reel screams “Amateur”, because all the pros keep their Demo Reels right in line with what’s ecpected by the industry. At ActorIntro, we are well versed in the current standards and make sure to create Demo Reels that are seen as 100% professional grade.


Once we have your materials in hand and have discussed how your reel will be made, we will put it together using the highest current professional standards for actor demo reels.  You will have a chance to make revisions.

Once you are satisfied with the reel, we will bill you $195.00, everything included.

Your reel will be delivered to you so you can upload it to a website, and you will have a link to it to send to anyone you want to show it to.