To be a competive actor today you must have video. Period.


Demo Reels are required for submission to most castings. However, that’s only part of the story. How your demo reel is put together is a very critical part. Choice of scenes, how they are edited, in what order, and the overall length will determine how effective your reel is.


We also operate another valuable online service for serious actors, ActorsInsite. For several years, has been offering a service that allows actors to show their demo reels and self tapes to the important CDs, agents and managers, from all over the country.

Those Industry Pros will study your videos, headshots and resumé and give you their honest, written feedback.

Actors set up their free profile on the website, and can submit their materials to the Industry Pros as a Member (small monthly fee) or as a Guest, no membership required.


Even before covid, Self Tapes were already a standard audition method for many castings. Now they are, more than ever, an essential part of the industry.

Professionally shot and edited Self Tapes are a huge advantage to DIY Self Tapes in most cases.  Not only do the video and (especially) the audio need to be first class, but the reader should be a professional actor and an experienced and knowledgeable partner, helping you figure out what the scene needs.  Most importantly, the reader should be able to make sure you know the ins and outs of Self Tape acting, which can be very different than any other style of acting.

At ActorIntro we check all those boxes.

About Brad

Brad’s story: (Briefly) After attending college on an acting scholarship, Brad ventured into the world of TV news, and was, for 25 years, an anchorman for TV stations around the country, including Boston and New York City. In 2001 he returned to acting in NYC, appearing in numerous off-off and off Broadway plays as well as many studio films and TV shows, in addition to his favorite, a continuing role at The Onion News Network, a web series launched in 2012.

Early on, Brad recognized the growing importance of video as a pathway to success as an actor. Not just online demo reels and stand alone performance clips, but self tapes went from non-existent to a dominant force in casting in a few short years.  Brad was there from the beginning.